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  Visit or call the Universal Credit helpline on 0800 328 5644 (Mon–Fri. 8am–6pm).jC P \(A\) receives 24 points (8 votes in each of the three head-to-head elections) \(B\) receives 44 points (13 points in the competition against \(A\), plus 10 in the competition against \(C\) plus 21 in the competition against \(D\)) \(C\) receives 38 points (13 points in the competition against \(A\), plus 11 in the competition against \(B\) plus 14 in the competition against \(D\)) \(D\) receives 20 points (13 points in the competition against \(A\), plus 0 in the competition against \(B\) plus 7 in the competition against \(C\)) X LL

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au J Search for trends gaining in popularity to discover the profitable niche. There are multiple ways to do so: Search for popular websites on the web using Alexa service. Maybe there’s a rising interest in travel-related sites. Search forums, the Quora service and Facebook groups to see, what people are asking about and what their problems are. Post questions online, especially wrong ones. People will be quick to correct you. Find an offer that matches your niche. Go to affiliate networks and find an offer that Matches your niche Has some competition (no competition means that the offer is poor). Has a good but not too high payout (high-paying offers are the hardest to convert) Has a good conversion rate. Find traffic: If you want to attract organic traffic, create content, in which you can put your affiliate links. Write blogs, curate Facebook groups, record videos. If you want to get paid traffic, find a traffic source where you can advertise your offer (not all verticals or ad formats are allowed on every traffic source). Set up your landing page. Prepare engaging content and creatives, design a catchy CTA button. Do the calculations. Use a traffic calculator tool that most traffic sources provide to assess how much traffic you can purchase with your budget. Multiply this number by the offer’s conversion rate and then payout and see, if the expected revenue is higher that your costs (traffic, landing page hosting, tools, etc.). Find a better offer or another traffic source if expected? Set up tracking. Use a good affiliate marketing platform like Voluum to get the most accurate results. Start a campaign, gather data, observe results, and analyze outcomes. V o V

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