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    12:00 how about 10:34?
    What's the 10:34 phone number? What is 10:34 contact information ?
    Online consultation 10:34 The picture of the 10:34
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    10:34's website A map of 10:34
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    10:34 of news 10:34app
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    第48课 英语电话之不方便接电话

    来源:可可英语 编辑:Alisa ?  可可英语APP下载 |  可可官方微信:ikekenet

    When it is not good time to talk to the other person on the phone, you should know how to stop the conversation politely.

    1)I am sorry, but I'm unavailable now.
    2)I am sorry, but I am in a meeting right now.
    3)I'm sorry, but I in the middle of something.
    4)I'm sorry, but I'm new to the company.
    A: I am calling about our new product line. What's the status of it ?
    B: I'm sorry, but I'm new to the company. I'll connect you with someone else.
    A: OK. Go ahead

    重点单词   查看全部解释    
    status ['steitəs]


    n. 地位,身份,情形,状况

    conversation [.kɔnvə'seiʃən]


    n. 会话,谈话

    unavailable ['ʌnə'veiləbl]


    adj. 得不到的,没空的,不能利用的

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