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    您的位置:中国博士人才网 > 博士后招收 > 海外博士后招收 > 英国牛津大学博士后职位---实验量子器件控制



    时间:2022-05-20来源:中国博士人才网 作者:佚名

    Postdoctoral Research Assistant In Experimental Quantum Device ControlUniversity Of Oxford


    We are seeking a candidate for a full-time Postdoctoral Research Assistant position within Professor Ares' research group at the Department of Engineering Science (Central Oxford). The post is funded by Innovate and is fixed-term to the 28th May 2025.

    For quantum computers to be used practically, a large number of qubits need to be controlled with absolute precision and without errors which is an extremely difficult task. The need to calibrate individual qubits, either to maximise fidelity initially or when parameters drift, constitutes a complicated and repetitive process, requiring deep understanding of the set-up and “muscle memory”.

    You will develop scalable and autonomous calibration frameworks to optimise quantum device performance. Machine-learning based algorithms will then make an informed decision about the appropriate calibration routine, which will be implemented by a scalable low-level control software platform, portable to different qubit types.

    You should possess a Ph.D/D.Phil (or be near completion) in a relevant subject. You should have experimental expertise in electrical characterisation of quantum devices at cryogenic temperatures and have a strong background in the theory of quantum devices

    Informal enquiries may be addressed to Dr Natalia Ares (email: [email protected])

    为防止简历投递丢失请抄送一份至:[email protected](邮件标题格式:应聘职位名称+姓名+学历+专业+中国博士人才网)



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